A Quick Welcome!


Thanks for visiting! If you are looking for the internet home of Katey’s African Antics 2.0, this is the right spot. I am currently occupied with finals, maintaining ties with my graduate institution, and moving logistics. Once I am back home, I will probably publish a few posts before staging in mid-January. In the meantime feel free to browse around the site and provide feedback. I will probably make a few edits over winter break, but at least the site is ready for public viewing (one task completed on my December-to-do-list…yea)!

I better get back to studying but just to give everyone a vital status, I am well. This experience gets more real as staging inches closer. I just had a lovely Thanksgiving with my loved-ones and am excited to share Christmas with them before service. While I am nervous (welcome to life with an anxiety disorder…you get used to it), that energy is currently directed towards finals than the snakes of South Africa. Yes, that is really my irrational thought related to service at the moment as I have yet to hear of a volunteer’s encounter with a snake that ended irreversibly bad. However, I will take an animal phobia over a fear related to human actions any day! Even with my spontaneous freak-outs (which apparently are normal for Peace Corps Invitees) it has not dimmed my excitement for this South African adventure!

If I do not get to post before the time of merriment, I wish everyone a healthy and happy holiday season! Please stay tuned for more insights and reflection.

All the best,


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