Twas the Night Before Staging

Twas the Night Before Staging

I just started to add blogs addresses to the directory. If anyone has a blog they would like to add, let me know.

Greetings from Philadelphia! I am officially out of the Land of Enchantment and consumed one last New Mexican meal for the road (homemade fajitas and tres leches cake)Although I had a rough start, I made it here in one piece (technically 5 pieces if you count my checked and carry-on luggage) and did not get stuck in Dallas…yea! Last night I could not sleep and got sick a few times (I thought it was the flu but it looks like it was anxiety induced…good I do not want to deal with gastrointestinal loveliness on a 15.5 hour flight). Since I was not feeling great, my packing was a disaster. There may have been a slight scene at the Sunport this morning where I sent several items home at last minute, but that is the honest past. I am feeling a lot better after guzzling ginger ale and my Delaware family’s delicious Italian meal. I am sure a full night’s sleep will get me back to 100%.

I am one of the early arrives and my roommate, a lovely lady from Minnesota just arrived (thank goodness I was blogging and not sleeping else that would have made an interesting first impression. I should get to bed. After all, I am within walking distance of Independence Hall and it would be a pity not to see it before my 12 PM staging time. As for other SA 31ner’s , the only person I encountered at the airport also hails from my hometown (I must be a New Mexico magnet…I make 505 connections wherever I go). I was awkwardly flashing a Peace Corps badge at the Dallas gate, trying to find other invitees to share a shuttle ride. Turns out we had the same flight itinerary. He seems like a nice person, and had an awesome internship with the embassy in Kenya. I was impressed with the first member of South Africa 31, and am excited to see the wealth of experiences in our group members.

Eish, it is 11:45Eastern Time. The snazzy Sonesta Philideaphia bed awaits!

All the best,


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