The “Zed” Solution

Originally written on February 1, 2015

Remember when I asked how Sepedi speakers handle having no “Z or zed” in the alphabet? One of the current PCVs who stayed with us this week, reminded me that all South Africans are familiar with English and the “z” sound. So they are more than capable of pronouncing Zimbabwe, Zulu, and Mozambique.

I am probably going to become quite familiar with zed. You see yesterday we got our languages assignments.

And the language is….


I will be attempting to speak Zulu for the next 2 years! I am really excited since Zulu was my first choice as it is a very challenging language. Also, it means there is a high possibility I will be placed in K Zed N (what South Africans call Kwa-Zulu Natal)! I am open to possibilities but it would be really neat if this mountain girl winds up in the Drakensberg for Peace Corps Service!

All the best,



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