10 things I will miss about the bush

10 things I will miss about the Bush

1. Photo shoots with cheerful babies

2. Family is never far away…introduce yourself as a Sibanyoni or a Mahlangu and chances area stranger turns out to be a distant cousin (for the record I am really sad to loose Sibanyoni as my last name)

3. Sunday dinner and visits with my 90 year old Gogo.

4. The toddler girl who lives across from the truck shop who would greet me every morning with the one English word she knows…Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!

5. A slice of New Mexico at my bus stop.

I think they look like yuccas

I think they look like yuccas

6. Sunsets almost as good as New Mexico. Almost…

7. The relentless antics of goats

..eating Mam's mealie (corn) plants

..eating Mam’s mealie (corn) plants

8….and the parade of hilarious ihaha (which sounds exactly like the sound geese make).

9. Mam. She is an amazing woman who would laugh at my humanistic attempts of sarcasm.

10. All the children on my street screaming MUSA and racing up the street for a hug at the end of the day!



Ngiyabonga the Bush. I will sincerely miss you.
– Musa Sibanyoni (maybe I can hyphenate my last name).


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