Meanwhile in South Africa…Life Goes On

One of my favorite poets Robert Frost summarized life in three words: It goes on.
Last weekend my closest friends growing up gathered in Texas for the long awaited nuptials of S & P (congratulations again guys)! Due to geographic barriers I was unable to attend but my shopping town had a special treat. This bimonthly grocery run, featured a wedding! Along one of the main roads there a puzzling parade of honking cars. After a few minutes I saw pink ribbons decorating the cars and in one a blushing bride clutching a roseate calla lily-like flower. As I walked to the coffee shop, a jubilant multiracial crowd clad in pink watched the parade at Shopping Town’s main church!
It is amazing how everyone shares life events, including the date. In this case there was another wedding on August 8, 2015.

The main church in Shopping Town, if you look closely you can see pink!

The main church in Shopping Town, if you look closely you can see pink!

Another interesting event in my life, is the dyeing of the Animas River. I lived in Durango, Colorado for three and a half years (proud Fort Lewis College Alumna) and fell in love with rafting in the Animas. Last week a horrible accident near Silverton (where the river starts) and waste from one of the ubiquitous abandoned mines in the area poured into Cement Creek, and turned the river orange.
How I was notified about the river shows demonstrates my newly acquired PCV perspective. I was congratulating a graduate school friend via LinkedIn (aka my addiction) on my laptop. It was Friday afternoon and right when I leave she sends me a message back asking me if I heard the sad news. My mobile phone ended my e-mail at the wrong part of the sentence! At this point I think that a classmate is gravely ill or dead. I frantically get on LinkedIn and navigate my dinky screen to find out she was telling about the river. A quick google search revealed the Animas’ new fashion statement. Maybe I should have been a bit more upset over the environmental degradation, but my positive of the day was all the humans are okay…although there are water shortages!



IMG_1907We also have a river in my valley. Sunday I decided to take advantage of the warm weather and hike to the Little Tugela.

There are many reasons why water access is a problem in my area. Having the water mimic a 1980’s hair dye in color is not one of them.
Sounds like the worst has passed but I am thinking of y’all in Durango. Nature and people who live near high mountains are resilient. I have confidence that the Animas will return to its less ostentatious state soon (definitely before my next trip to Durango).
All the best,


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