I am calling it, Spring is here.


If there is one lesson I have gained from blogging it is that it cannot be forced. This applies not only when I am in a writing rut, but also infrastructure challenges. First I was at In-Service Training (IST) for 12 days with unreliable electricity. Then I came back to work and the network has been fading in and out. The internet had no signal for a week. The hope is that the phone company has fixed the problem as we are swamped.

My director likes to keep everyone busy and this month’s focus has been hiring. Hiring for a new nurse and social worker happened in the first half of the month, as my supervisor is now on leave for the rest of August. One of my shortlist candidates is the new social worker and I am excited to learn from her. Both employees will start next month, but in the meantime I am one of three people to help with submissions (reports to funders which are due at the first of the month). The databases that manage these reports for funders are all online (as in they are dependent on a functioning network). Something tells me I will need a vacation after August.

IST culminated our first lockdown period where SA 31 was not allowed to travel outside of the cluster, leave the country, or implement projects. In terms of projects, I am still trying to pinpoint ways to best support my valley. New needs have emerged beyond what was detailed in the community needs assessment. My supervisor and I are trying to see if it is possible for me to support these new needs under my HIV-reduction-program framework. At the same time, the exciting project idea my director wants me to pilot is gaining headway (more information will follow soon, once there is something concrete). Simultaneously, my PCV friends are starting their projects and I am excited to support them in a few future activities.

Last week there were 7 birds on my pet aloe plant. Today as I did laundry, butterflies and dreaded wasps surfaced. The last snows have melted in Lesotho…winter is over.




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