How to Clean a Sofa


I should not make generalizations but after living in the Zulu Kingdom for a year this one is safe to make: amaZulu love cleanliness. Every household I have been to is neat and tidy, regardless of the family’s financial state. When I asked my host sister why this was she said that the amaZulu view cleanliness close to godliness.

This spring I have learned how to clean things that I did not view as…well washable. Last week the host family initiated spring cleaning where they are up at 5 AM pulling furniture out and maintaining the rooms ( they are currently 4 down, one more to go tomorrow). Everything from touching up on our interior buttery yellow walls to scrubbing shelves has been accomplished. They wait a day when the water is on (I’ll explain the amanzi situation in the near future) and scrub all the blankets and bedspreads.


The host family has a lovely brown leather-like sofa set (two arm chairs and a sofa) which became dirty from use. There is no vacuum cleaner in my household and I wondered how they dealt with leather.

I got my answer.


They dump soapy water (with regular laundry detergent) on to the sofa.


Then they rub the soap into the fabric and continue to dump water until the soap is out/chair appears clean.


Finally, they leave them to benefit from solar energy.

No fabric or furniture was damaged in my family’s spring cleaning activities.





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