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Ngiyabonga khakulu/Thanks a lot for the kind feedback on my last post! I hope y’all enjoy my future contributions for the Blogging Abroad Boot Camp  Challenge for early 2016. This entry’s prompt: home (aka where I reside and type most of my observations on South African Life). Special thanks to Blogging Abroad for the task and a much needed excuse for me to clean the house!

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Side note: Here is the page of my place code words with an explanation why I use them.

Casa de Izilokazane

“Our Slice of Heaven in Rural Amajuba”


Located in beautiful Schnizeland Municipality, Casa de Izilokazane provides an authentic amaZulu cultural experience. The building is part of a traditional amaZulu compound, directly across from a rondavel where the ancestors protect the property.

Under Schintzeland’s spacious skies that provide views of infamous Majuba Hill on clear days and equally stunning night time displays of the Southern Hemisphere constellations, we guarantee your stay at Casa de Izilokazane will provide you with an appreciation of why “Zulu” translates to heavens.


This two room residence consists of a bedroom and living space with bathroom and kitchen amenities. The Bedroom has a double sized bed and a wardrobe. Wide windows in both rooms provide plenty of natural light. Casa de Izilokazane is lucky to have an effective security system through the neighborhood watch and a gracious host family in an altruistic community. We also have aesthetically pleasing burglar bars that maintain peace of mind.



Front door with a peek of the rondavel. These adorable spirals were worth the extra 2 week wait in Pretoria to ensure they would be installed properly!


Our state of the art kitchen consists of a borrowed refrigerator, pantry, and minimal kitchen utensils. At the moment Casa de Izilokazane is receiving a much needed electrical system update and the hot plate stove and hot water kettle are currently out of commission. The kitchen equipped with an oven on the main compound is accessible upon request. Guests have unfettered access to the accumulated library of South African Cooking Magazines, which fuel the host’s Rainbow Nation cooking adventures.


An eclectic kitchen: dishes, refrigerator, water buckets and the sink with the PC water filter



The pantry next to the bedroom door

Running water is available through a tap, 10 meters from the doorstep. In the event the water supply is interrupted during your stay, the host stores extra water. Even though hot water is not available at the moment, frigid baths are quite reinvigorating in the Amajuba Summer. All water consumed at Casa de Izilokazane, goes through the Peace Corps initiated gravity fed water filter which also doubles as the faucet for the sink.


Latrine at the edge of the compound (left to the to the family garden) and tap in the foreground.

The facility provides complimentary access to a large bathing tub, buckets, and toiletries. Toilet facilities are a comfortable western toilet on a pour flush system located at the edge of a property (all guests will receive an orientation on how to operate the toilet at registration).There is also a nocturnal bucket provided for your safety and convenience.


Buckets upon buckets: 1/3 of Casa de Izilokazane’s simple plumbing system

Nature provides our heating and cooling systems. It also serves as our reliable alarm clock with our on-site, reluctant, bird sanctuary and resident chickens. On warm nights, guests may be lulled to sleep by melodic frogs croaking at their habitat (a nearby dam).


Internet: Minimal internet access is available upon request (depending on the signal’s level of corporation at the time of your need.)

Grocery Stores and Petrol Station: There is a China shop and Shell Petrol staons about 3000 meters away from the house that address basic needs. For special food requests, Duke City contains several branches of South Africa’s upscale grocery stores less than an hour away.

Transport: Casa de Izilokazane is a convenient 2000 meters from minibus ranks to Schnizteland, Duke City, and Scotland.

Conference Facilities: A community HIV-focused organization located 500 meters from the premises provides a professional meeting space. Brief volunteer shadowing opportunities at the organization and local clinic may be feasible depending on the time of year. Ask your host (the full time volunteer) for more information.

Potential Cultural Excursions:


The Unsupervised Livestock of Amajuba as seen from the solar powered laundry facility

  • Wildlife Viewing of the Unsupervised Livestock of Amajuba
  • Minibus Taxi Rides
  • KZN Battlefield Tours
  • Hikes in the Central and Northern Drakensburg

2016 rate includes: opportunities to witness a brand new Peace Corps Site, be immersed in amaZulu Culture, and see a part of South Africa many tourists will not experience.

In other words: Priceless.

Casa de Izilokazane is a certified safe place for site-less PCVs to have a work experience and nighttime stop for PCVs traveling through the Battlefields region of KZN.*

*No certification exists in PCSA but I make myself a contact so the staff can offer another resource for site-less PCV stuck in Pretoria.

Behind the name: “Casa de ” is a nod to my New Mexican background but izilokazane translates to “small creatures”. It is the most appropriate isiZulu word to encompass my stubborn roommates: ants, spiders, mosquitos, centipedes,and the ever resilient iziyoni/birds. The current methods I have used have not encouraged a migration. Anyone who visits my place may possibly have an intimate bug or bird encounter.


Flashback to the time two birds got stuck in the bedroom. Yebo/Yes, this is the window right above my bed



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  1. Katey.. I love reading your blogs.So happy to see your home and learn about the area .the pictures are great. Thanks so much. Love you Nanau


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