About Katey-Red

(not a typo: it really is “ey” and Red was how she was coded in college)


Katey-Red’s SA PCV experience: dressed professionally for a Peace Corps training, phone in hand, and attempting to stir on a traditional South African cooking setup.


Katey-Red is the SA 31 Returned Peace Corps Volunteer behind the blog. She is a proud Burqueña who until May 2016, resided in the Amajuba District of South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province (or as the locals call it “K Zed N”) after a brief 5 month stay in KZN’s Central Drakensburg range. Katey served as a health extension volunteer under CHOP (the community HIV Outreach Project ) and supported a Non-Profit Organization that directly addresses the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in South Africa.

Prior to service, Katey started her Masters of Public Health (MPH) in Family Child Health, Global Health Concentration at the University of Arizona, but tabled her degree after one semester for Peace Corps. She actually completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Public Health from Fort Lewis College.

More information about Katey’s background (aka bias) can be found in these posts:


Among many quirky interests, Katey loves  maps, stargazing, TED Talks, rooibos tea, and learning from others through “hard conversations.”

She appreciates the time you took to read the blog and hopes you enjoy her slice of South Africa on the internet.



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