What do we really think of South Africa (let alone the African Continent)?

This could be my last post until Swearing in (early April) but hey I can officially call myself a Peace Corps Trainee. That is the last stage of gestation before Volunteer in the Peace Corps’ model of development…progress! However I will continue to type insights on South African culture. Some of you receive e-mail subscriptions for the blog, and I am flattered. However I wanted to let you know that I will probably have an avalanche of posts in April, and I am not offended if unsubscribe if it becomes overwhelming. Whatever you need to do to subsist is fine by me.

Since it will be a while, I wanted to share some food for thought. I do not endorse the Daily Show as news, and the content is not “G rated” (I would not watch this at work). However they sometimes excel at presenting problems in a creative manner. The newest correspondent, Trevor Noah, hails from South Africa. On Noah’s debut show, he and John Stewart talked about African stereotypes in a new way.
Yes, the video is funny (I may have laughed too loudly at the “starving fat children remark”…I can be an unkind Public Health Student sometimes) and it may not accurately describe all South African perspectives. It does not change the powerful messages worth sharing. I will leave you with these two questions present in my Trainee mind:

1. How does America’s view of African nations match up with reality?
2. What is the impact of these perceptions on our connections with the 54 countries on the African Continent?

All the best,
Katey-Red, Peace Corps Trainee Extraordinaire!