Do you want to send a letter?

Do you want to send a letter?

(In the tune of Frozen, my answer when people ask how to contact me)

General communication: I generally have good internet service, yet Southern Africa can induce communication delays. E-mailis the best way to contact of me. Another way is through always welcomed blog comments. I love receiving them because it lets me know that people read my posts (and I need to watch my grammar). The only thing I ask is that people are respectful in their comments

Questions about managing a chronic mental health needs abroad, PC service on the autism spectrum, or an area of South African life you are curious about?

Send me an email

Ngiyabonga! (I thank you!)


If anyone feels the need to do something nice just because I am in South Africa…I have a special request.

As a daughter of a childhood cancer survivor, former child life volunteer and public health student, I take my commitments with the National Bone Marrow Registry and plasma donations seriously. Due to my geographic situation, I have had to postpone both commitments. If at all possible, could you consider donating in place of me? If you have eligibility issues or a needle phobia, do you mind spreading the word to your acquaintances who might join? There is always a need for bone marrow and blood donations (remember there are special requests beyond whole blood…I have amiable platelets and that is what I donate).

There are donation centers in all 50 states, but here is a start for blood donation centers. If the below links do not provide a center near you, Google is an excellent resource.

If you are curious about  Bone Marrow Donation visit Be the Match.

Thank you so much for the consideration!


5 thoughts on “Do you want to send a letter?

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  2. Hi Katey – since I don’t know a current mailing address just thought I’d let you know that we are thinking of you. Estrella and I completed a 5K at Disneyland earlier this month and she has happily moved into her own apartment. Enjoyed your bog!


  3. Well of course I meant that I enjoy your blog so why did I type bog? Got to see Estrella in LA earlier this month and helped get her new place furnished. Then Orlando and I bundled off to Hawaii to celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary. Looking forward to hearing about your continuing adventures.


  4. Hi there -so glad to know you have a new assignment, will look forward to getting your mailing address once you have a P.O. Box. Orlando and I greatly enjoyed the adventures with the birds – not laughing at you but with you (we get some decent wildlife adventures here but not as much as you).


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